November 18, 2019

Dear Students and Parents,

WOW, I’m not sure where to begin this email. The emotional rollercoaster of the last week is something that most of us will never forget. From the lowest of absolute lows, to the highest of highs. What I know is that this past week brought out the best in our community, school, and in our students. It was so comforting to see the West Ranch Music Program providing a safe space for our students to be together, start healing, and ultimately use music to unite us all. The culmination of all of this of course was Saturday night. The amazing performance the students gave at championships is something that will stick with me FOREVER! The students gave their all and we should be so proud! Thank you, parents, for raising students that have the ability to be compassionate and emotional, and even more so for having the ability to channel that emotion into something beautiful. Thank you students for being brave and rising to the occasion. Many groups would have crumbled this week----you did not! I’m so honored to lead such amazing people. Thank you all!






As I’m sure everyone has heard by now, the Wildcat Marching Band was awarded 1st place and the gold medal at 5A marching band championships on Saturday night. The score of 92.9 was over 2 points more than 2nd place. In addition, we were awarded high percussion and high auxiliary for the 5A division. While this is West Ranch’s 4th gold medal in our history, it is the only time we have won all three awards at Championships. In a memorable tribute, the band dedicated their performance to all of the students at Saugus HS and the entire community of Santa Clarita.


For those who missed it, here is a video of the performance:


Finally, a huge thank you to our “village” of parents that made this season possible. We really couldn’t do it without all of you.








Fundraising Opportunities


Today we are starting two individual fundraisers for students that would like to raise money for music program related expenses. These are not required fundraisers. The funds earned can be used for program donations, banquet tickets, student travel (For Dayton or large trips), or any other music program related expenses. Information will be given out to interested students in class over the next two days (Colorguard please see Mr. Marshall).


The first fundraiser is the holiday wreath sale. The wreaths are gorgeous, made locally using live greens, and sell for $45. Students earn $20 into their fundraising account for each wreath sold.


The second fundraiser is See’s Candy. Profit varies per item sold and a wide variety of product is available for sale on the order form.


Orders for both items are due December 2nd. Pickup will take place on December 11th at West Ranch during the evening band concert. If anyone needs extra order forms they are located behind the white board in the band room.


Please see Mr. Marshall with any questions.


Marching Instrument Returns


All students who have marching band instruments will need to bring those items in for collection on Monday, November 18th, and Tuesday, November 19th. Many families still have not made their donations for using these instruments. Please do as we need the funds to clean the instruments and have them ready for next season.

Thank you all for your support of West Ranch Music!



Mr.  Marshall