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July 23, 2024


The Band Booster meetings will be held IN PERSON in the Band Room. 

Please attend these booster meetings for information on volunteer opportunities, practice & performance schedules, competitions schedules, music festivals and more!


The Booster Club needs YOU!


If your student is in any of the school's music programs, then you are a member of the West Ranch Band Boosters. The boosters support the students with their efforts and their cheers. Join the fun and camaraderie! Be a part of the Band Booster family. Come to a meeting, help at an event. You'll be glad you did. It's a great social atmosphere for everyone.


Find out what  Band, Colorguard, Percussion, Jazz, Orchestra, and the Boosters are doing by attending a booster meeting. All meetings are held in the band room at West Ranch High School.


Our crew of dedicated parents serves all of the school's music programs by providing a broad range of essential support. Whether we are setting up equipment for performances, creating show programs, preparing food and serving a hungry orchestra, or simply making a much-needed donation, the Booster Club can never have too many willing volunteers.


Being a part of the Booster Club is great fun, too! Being involved allows one to share the successes of our students' hard work and dedication, while enjoining with other parents in a spirit of positive, friendly action. Booster Club members are living the music too, and letting their students know they are working right alongside the band, giving these talented young artists the support they deserve.


Involvement is purely voluntary, and the level of effort you can provide is entirely up to you. We'll happily accept any help, no matter how small. There's no reservation necessary — just drop by,

we'll be glad to meet you!

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