We have a limited amount of coffins available from the championship winning show,"Immortal".  These are lined with red "velvet" and even have batting under the material on the lid.  These are strong enough to hold band kids standing on top of them so they are solidly built.  They will fit a person inside. These are great for a Halloween decoration or for a spooky storage box.  Line it with plastic and it could be a great cooler for a Halloween Party!


This is a two person lift job, but band kids actually ran on the field carrying them in the show so they are not super heavy. But if you need assistance, please let us know in your notes.  Pickup times are Tuesday and Thursday night 6pm-9pm - but please let us know in advance in your note. If you are not sure put in 2 dates - we will reach out to you before each day to see if you are coming.



Get them while they last! 

Full size coffin from "Immortal"